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Pack Degustación Patatas Chips Gourmet, 6 BOLSAS

Pack Degustación Patatas Chips Gourmet, 6 BOLSAS


Tasting Pack of San Nicasio crisps, includes:

- 150gr bag. San Nicasio crisps with Pink Salt from the Himalayas.

- 150gr bag. San Nicasio crisps with Black Pepper.

- 150gr bag. San Nicasio crisps with Paprika de la Vera.

- 150gr bag. San Nicasio crisps Flor de Trufa flavor.

The star ingredient of the San Nicasio Potato Chips is undoubtedly the extra virgin olive oil, from the region of Priego de Córdoba in the natural park of the Sierras de la Subbética and considered one of the best in the world.

To ensure maximum quality, San Nicasio Potato Chips are produced in limited editions destined for the gourmet market, always under the master touch of Rafael del Rosal.

The tightness of your bag, guarded by a protective atmosphere that slows the passage of time, allows you to preserve the product by extending your life without losing the freshness of the raw materials that compose it.

The pink bag of Potato Chips San Nicasio stands out as a reference product for shops, delicatessen, hotels and haute cuisine. From the “sour” variety of the highest quality and Spanish origin, natural and without genetic manipulation provide an energetic food, which allows a natural, original and lasting flavor to be transferred to the final product.

The potatoes are fried on low heat and at low temperature

For the preparation of San Nicasio Potato Chips, 100% Extra Virgin olive oil is used, in an innovative way that allows the product to be prepared with all the healthy benefits that the best extra virgin olive oils in the world provide: antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and Vitamins A, D, E and K.

Himalayan pink salt, low in sodium and exceptional purity, rich in minerals and trace elements, gives a unique touch that does not saturate or dwarf the potato's own natural flavor.


- 6 Gold Medals consecutive to quality in the prestigious “Monde Selection” (Bruxelles).

- EXPOLIVA Award 2011, for the best food made with extra virgin olive oil.

- GALLO DE ORO 2014 Award from the prestigious French gourmet magazine Guide des Gourmands.


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