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The "ajoblanco" (ajoblanco, sometimes also written as white garlic) is a very popular cold soup from the gastronomy of Andalusia and Extremadura. It consists of bread, ground almonds (in times of scarcity, as in the post-war period, dry bean flour has been... view more
Os presentamos algunos de los beneficios que su zumo natural nos aporta: 1. Es diurético (resulta beneficioso para los casos de retención de líquido y para los niveles de ácido úrico alto);  2. Es astringente (perfecto para normalizar el tránsito... view more
This unique party is celebrated the second weekend of August. This party has been held since 1985 and emerged from the idea of ​​some friends who thought of making a kind of tribute to all the emigrants who years ago had to leave Fuente-Tójar in search of... view more
The olive tree is part of the well-known Mediterranean agricultural triad (cereals, vine and olive), basic products in the food of the Mediterranean peoples and, like cereals, has been subject to dispersion since ancient times. Olive cultivation was... view more
Legend has it that on the night of San Juan, each year appears on the banks of the Caicena River the spirit of a young woman who is desperately looking for her beloved. The legend goes back to a time when, in Arabic Arabic, the love between a Moor and a... view more
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