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On sale!

Pollution, external climatic agents and the passage of time, lead without remedy to dry lips and age. The Vizcántar Lip Protector...


Hand Cream with Organic EVOO. 120ml

Highly protective cream for the delicate skin...

On sale!

Soap with Organic EVOO for mixed skin

With Orange Blossom, Rosehip, Tea Tree, Lavender and Calendula. Recommended for...


Soap with Organic EVOO for dry skin

With Royal Jelly, Incense, Orange Blossom, Calendula and Chamomile. Indicated for...


Soap with Organic EVOO for oily skin

With natural essences of Tea Tree, Cedar, Geranium, Lemon, Chamomile and Sage,...


Vizcantar Nutritious Body Oil

The essential oils that compose them, among which stand out: Myrrh, Jasmine and...


Vizcantar Body Relaxing Oil with Organic EVOO 200ml.

It combines essential oils especially indicated for the relaxation...


Vizcantar Anticellulite Body Oil with Organic EVOO 200ml.

A combination of oils recognized for their anti-cellulite...