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Turrolate "La Esencia de Priego" (Gift Box)

Turrolate "La Esencia de Priego" (Gift Box)

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Artisan Product of Supreme Quality
Artisan Product of Supreme Quality

Turrolate "La Esencia de Priego"

Turrolate based on Venezuelan cacao, added to the Marcona variety of the highest quality. Each bread is made by hand with our exclusive recipe.

Each gift box contains 12 buns of 50 gr. and 2 buns of 25 gr.

The Turrolate is a typical sweet of the subbética cordobesa, especially of the towns of Rute and Priego. Although the fame of its origin is attributed to this last town, its origin is found in the fertile imagination of the artisanal confectionery industry of Priego, possibly began to be elaborated at the end of the 17th century. Its name is a combination of nougat and chocolate. It is made with cocoa and almonds or peanuts, sugar and cinnamon. It has a cylindrical rod shape and is manufactured in different sizes and qualities.

It is a product of great nutritional value. In the past, it was a common gift to newly born mothers, so their consumption is also related to luck and good news. While it can be taken alone, perhaps your ideal accompaniment is next to a loaf of bread with earth oil.


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